Cultivate A Luxury Lifestyle That Matches Your Vision With Carefully Selected Technology.

Elevate Your Home Design

Realize the full potential of your projects with smart home automation that facilitates your customers’ lifestyles while protecting the space’s essential features. We’ll work with you to integrate value-added services in your preliminary design to attract high-end clientele. As your home technology partner on The Gold Coast, we help you offer the latest integrated technology features without having to become an expert yourself. For all our home automation systems, we take great care to ensure they fit tightly within your architectural plans.


We Help You Make Beautiful Spaces Smarter

Helping You Embrace Tech

Our team works with your firm throughout the project from your initial client consultation through final implementation to ensure our technology matches your client’s expectations and is easy to incorporate without lengthening project timelines.


Intentional Technology Designs Separate You From Your Competitors When Attracting High-End Buyers.

A World Of Luxury

Offer a full catalogue of technology solutions for your customers, including automated lighting and shading, immersive entertainment and seamless one-touch control. Each of our bespoke systems comes personalized with the features and control options that best match your clients’ lifestyles.


We work with you to strategically organize and install the necessary wiring for lights, home AV, security and more to ensure the optimal placement of every solution for a clean and enhanced design.

Lighting And Shading

Enhance your space with beautiful lighting control and motorized shades solutions, offered in a wide variety of stylistic fixtures, fabrics and controls. Eliminate wall clutter and program scenes to highlight artwork and other features.

Distributed Audio Video

Avoid the distraction of intrusive TV displays and bulky speakers with concealed and complementary solutions that provide high-performance entertainment for your clients without taking away from your design.

Security And Surveillance

Secure projects without imposing unsightly security measures like spikes or wires. Add integrated security, access control and surveillance within the residence and perimeter for peace of mind that doesn’t ruin your space’s aesthetics


We Hold The Highest Regard For Quality Throughout Every Project

High-Quality Results Every Time

Each project receives the same high standards and thoroughness to ensure the final result meets client performance expectations. By sticking to established procedures and strict documentation, we deliver exceptional results without exceeding project timelines or budgets.


We Take Pride In Our Unyielding Dedication To Stand As A Leader In Our Field




Broaden Your Skill Set By Mastering The Latest In Smart Home Applications

Manufacturer CEU Courses

Stay up to date on cutting-edge solutions in audio/video, lighting, security, home networking systems and more through ongoing training courses offered by the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Custom Training Programs

Find answers to the unique challenges you may face in your field by attending our tailored training programs that are designed to help you find custom-fit solutions for any project.


Craft Beautiful Experiences with Smarter Solutions

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